■TOKO's Vision
TOKO's mission is to help customers in manufacturing. In other words,TOKO provide tangible and intangible services for customers' manufacturing.

TOKO's aim is to grow together with customers through manufacturing, developing original products and processing methods by using technologies based on the fundamental principles.

As a result, TOKO hopes that society would be enriched both materially and spiritually so that TOKO could contribute to the cultural improvement of humankind.
■What to do for TOKO's Vision
1. Aim to be the fastest cutting tool manufacturer in the world
2. Pursue " beauty "
3. Promote automation
4. Improve skills
5. Face the job and customers straight
■Employees Assignment
1. Be a man of great learning, staying happy and healthy mentally and physically.
2. Never give up and get things down to the end with bold challenging spirits.
3. Being severe and kind, keep the world-class dignity.

Interview with employees

I talk to customers in Sales Department , listening to customers problems and propose the best tools to solve them.

Although each customer's problems are different, the ideals they seek are the same. When the tools I proposed could help them realize their goals, I really feel that my job gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

I would like to be involved in the birth of new " monozukuri " by combining the knowledge I gain through my accumulated experience with the ever-changing environment of the production site and the needs of our customers. In addition, I would like to " manufacture " anything without losing traditional skills that have been handed down to us.
Engineering Department
I am in charge of designing as a member of the engineering department. I like manufacturing and drawing, so I think this is the right job for me. Many of our products are high-mix, low-volume production, and they are all custom-made, so there are similar products, but no two products are exactly the same.

Recently, not only industrial tools but also products in new fields such as medical instruments have been increasing and I am learning more and more every day, which stimulates me.

My goal for the future is to eliminate drawing errors 100% . Mistakes in drawings can lead to defective products. I would like to try to eliminate mistakes and challenge new things without being bound by the conventional way of thinking.
Engineering Department, Deputy Manager
As the deputy manager of the Engineering Department, I am responsible for the management and operation of the organization. My responsibilities include the development of medical devices, joint development with universities, acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights, ISO13485 secretariat, and handling of pharmaceutical affairs.

We believe that the development of medical devices, which we are currently working on, will become the core of our business in the near future. It will not be an easy task, but we are determined to make steady progress through our tireless efforts.

For many years, I was involved in the development of various products as a manufacturing engineer. Now, and in the future, I would like to continue to respond flexibly to change and take on new challenges.
General Administration
I am in charge of accounting and human resources (recruitment) in the General Affairs Department.

Through accounting work, I can grasp the overall flow of the company through daily, monthly, and annual figures. I can learn about the history of the company through the numbers, and I have the opportunity to be involved in work that will lead to the future of “TOKO”.

When I joined the company, I was assigned to the Sales Promotion Office, where I worked as a sales clerk and handled preparations for exhibitions. Because we are a small and medium-sized company, we are able to proactively tackle a wide range of tasks that we are interested in.

My goal is to absorb all tasks as quickly as possible and take care to ensure the smooth running of the business. I would like to communicate and work carefully so that people will feel that they can entrust their work to this person.
Manufacturing Department , Leader
I am in charge of cylindrical grinding machines at the Fukushima factory. We grind outer diameters of shafts such as drills and reamers for medical use.

I joined the company after graduating from high school and this year marks my 20th year. But there are times when I make mistakes and things don't go well. However, when things go well, I am very impressed. I am now using a CNC cylindrical grinder made overseas and enjoying the joy of manufacturing.

Work isn't just hard. It's always fun. I want as many people as possible to do work in which they find fun. In the future, I would like to make further efforts to make products that are said to be the best tools of TOKO.
Manufacturing Department
I am in charge of the cutting section at Fukushima factory. I am mainly in charge of general-purpose lathes, NC lathes, and gun drilling machines for deep hole drilling.

We have been mainly processing industrial tools, but recently we have also been making medical equipment (medical and surgical tools). It is difficult to process stainless steel materials, but I feel rewarded when I think of how many patients I can help with the surgical tools I have manufactured.

In the future, I will continue to make daily efforts to create products that are useful to people and to respond to changes in society, and I would like to contribute to society by making products that satisfy customers.
Manufacturing Department
My job is to process the outer diameter of a shaft by using a cylindrical grinder.

When I joined the company, I was working in a different department, doing a different job from what I do now. When I was assigned to the cylindrical grinder, I was worried and anxious about whether I could do it. I struggled when I was not able to use machines adequately to the dimensions I wanted, and when I was not able to measure well with the micrometer. As I gained experiences, I am now able to recognize that the finished dimensions of each machine vary depending on the temperature and time of day, and I am able to finish them as I want.

I had an image of machining as a job for men, but it is a job that can be done by women. I would like to continue to challenge myself in various ways and work as hard as the men.
Manufacturing Department, Technical Section Manager
I am in charge of manufacturing technology. I have always had a preference for manufacturing, and I find it fulfilling to be able to experience up close how a product is actually created based on a plan I have devised.

In addition, I am inspired every day by TOKO's attitude of always moving forward, such as proactively introducing equipment when necessary, and continuing to take on challenges in new fields, not only with industrial products, which are their specialty, but also with other industries.

In such an environment, as a manufacturing engineer, I am working to improve my own skills in order to continue to provide high-quality products efficiently.
Manufacturing Department
This is my third year in the company. In the Manufacturing Technology Group, I am in charge of solving problems that occur in the manufacturing process, and seeking out and proposing new ways to use the existing measuring equipment and other facilities. Specifically, I design and draft jigs that are needed in the manufacturing process, and build a system that automatically inputs product inspection results into the inspection table.

These tasks will lead to " more efficient manufacturing " by shortening working hours and " more stable manufacturing " by reducing the occurrence of defects.

Through my work, I am also learning various knowledge and skills on a daily basis, such as tool knowledge, CAD usage, and characteristics of the products being manufactured. At present, I have no experience in many of these areas, but I will steadily learn step by step and become an employee who can quickly respond to issues that arise.


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Employees Welfare and Benefits

Work locationTokyo head office (Hongo, Bunkyo-ku), Fukushima factory (Ishikawa-cho, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima)
Working hours8 hours of actual work (overtime is approved when applied)
Salary ■Recruitment of " New Graduates ":Head Office Results in March 2019        
Main Career PathMinor Career Path(Locals)
Graduate school graduate226,000yen
University graduate215,000yen194,000yen
Junior college/technical college graduate198,000yen182,000yen
High school graduate177,000yen172,000yen
■Recruitment of " Careers" : For those with a high school diploma or above, the decision will be made in consideration of experience and ability (welcome from tool makers)
Various AllowancesOvertime Allowances, Family Allowances, Commuting Allowances, etc.
Salary I increaseAnnually
BonusSemi-annually (June, December)
Holidays 118 days a year, GW, Summer, Year-end and New Year holidays, Paid Holidays, according to TOKO Calendar
InsuranceHealth, Welfare Pension, Employment, Labor Accidents
Welfare・Retirement allowance
・A gift of money in token of one's sympathy and condolences
・Incentives for acquiring various qualifications (limited to ones that the company recommended)
・ Company Housing (in case of transferred)
・Company Travel, etc.
Selection flow ① If you are interested, please contact us.
② We will explain our company outline.
③ Applicants must submit entry sheets (the entry sheets will be provided)
④ Selection: After screening documents, written tests, interviews, and presentations.(presentations of assignments.etc)
⑤ Final interviews Interviews with executive officers
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