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Ultimate gem tools for Customers
“To help Customers make things to their utmost satisfaction” is the philosophy of TOKO.We have been always consistent in this belief for over 80 years ever since our foundation in 1937.As a cutting tools manufacturer, we have continuously pursued the special fine tools rather than standard ones and supplied Customers with custom-made tools together with our technology of intangible asset. We have put all our heart and soul to make the most optimum and satisfactory products to fully satisfy the demands of Customers.It is our greatest honor for us to hear from Customers that “Tools of TOKO are the must to make our products”.

Entering the 21st century, we further expanded the horizon of our business activities, aspiring to be of service to the broader industries like aircraft, printing, stationery, food, shoemaking, energy, light and heavy electric, machine parts and others.When it comes to kind of tools, we have shifted from cutting tool bits only to shaft tools like drills, end mills, reamers and cutters.Special orders of tools, specific in each industry have been placed with us more and more as the years go by.All of our hard works in solving difficult requirement from our Customers pays off, when we hear such words from them; “After a couple of years, we finally found the manufacturer, who can completely fulfill our requirement. Only TOKO can do such a good job.”

Then, TOKO launched on the new frontier of medical business, making the maximum use of accumulated technology and know-how.We started with tools, which shave the bones used at the time of artificial joint replacement surgery.Now, TOKO is present on the market with ISO13485 and 2nd Class Manufacturing and Marketing Authorization of PMDA.Our unique Omega Drills and Pearl Rings are drawing attention of doctors on the market.

We always welcome your visit to TOKO with any requirement.Our production technology department and tool room are fully available to you at any time and we are ready to help you solve any of your technical problems.

TOKO Story for Manufacturing

Strengths of TOKO
TOKO can satisfy customers by combining the know-how accumulated over the past 80 years with carefully selected machines and cutting-edge theories.
10 companies, 10 colors for the same drawing
As the saying goes " as many heads, as many wits. " , they say that if ten peoples gather to see the same drawing, they create ten different colors. It is also said that 10 cutting tool manufacturers make 10 different tools even when they see the same drawing.

There are minute details that cannot be expressed in drawings. Human senses are added to them at the manufacturing stage to create exquisite differences.
Entering the medical field
TOKO's philosophy is to " help customers make things. " Having been responding to customers' requests and worries, TOKO eventually entered the medical field.

TOKO's mission is to continue to support customers in a variety of industries.

About us

Company Name
President & CEO
January 16, 1954
Capital Stock
62,868,500 yen
〒113-0033 5-27-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
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Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association
Cutting Tools Forum 21
5-27-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 81-3-3815-5811
Fukushima Factory
2-12 Ohashi Ishikawa-machi Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima
TEL: 81-247-26-0126
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Company History

Reizo Terashima founded Terashima of Commerce/Industry and started selling Tool Bits.
Terashima of Commerce/Industry was temporarily suspended with the end of the war.
TOKO Factory was established and resumed sales of Tool Bits.
TOKO CO.,LTD. was established with capital of 1.25 million yen from a sole proprietor.
Ibaraki Factory was built in Goka-mura, Sashima-gun as a company attracted by the Ibaraki Prefectural Development Corporation, and started operations.
Nagoya Sales Office was established.
Headquarters Building was completed.
Fukushima Factory was built in Ishikawa-cho, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture and started operations.
Fukushima Factory started the second phase construction and entered into the business field of medical devices.
Ibaraki and Fukushima Factories obtained a license for manufacturing of general medical devices .
TOKO CO.,LTD. exhibited for the first time at MEDICA.
Nagoya Sales Office was relocated, Kobe Sales Office was established, Tohoku Sales Office was established.
Ibaraki Factory was terminated and integrated into Fukushima Factory, acquiring ISO013485.
Fukushima Factory obtained the third-class marketing license for medical devices.
Fukushima Factory started the third phase construction (Construction of office building, training / welfare building)
Fukushima Factory obtained the second-class marketing license for medical devices.
Nagoya office and Kobe office close.
April 2012
Innovation Grand Prize Encouragement Award
March 2017
Regional Future Driving Company
by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
March 26, 2018
Japan's 300 Most Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises
Awarded in the field of productivity improvement
October 22, 2018
Grand Prize Winner of Medical Creation Fukushima 2018 7th MCF Grand Prize
Omega Drill (Omega drill for bone processing, capable of drilling at the targeted position without slipping)
Organizer: Fukushima Medical Device Industry Promotion Organization
October10, 2019
The Grand Prize of the 17th Courageous Management Award
by The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
November 29, 2019
Received the Japan Brand Award for the " Super Manufacturing Parts Award " for the medical " Omega Drill ".
Organizer: Japan Manufacturing Conference / Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Environmental Policy

TOKO CO., LTD. sets objectives, goals, and management activities in accordance with the following action guidelines and promotes activities toward their realization.
Action guidelines
1. We set environmental objectives and goals for which we promote environmental activities to achieve them, standing by this environmental policy.
2. We promote environmental conservation activities, knowing the environmental impact of our business activities and striving to prevent environmental pollution.
3. We comply with environmental laws and regulations together with other requirements that we agree to.
4. We increase our awareness of environmental issues and strive to continuously improve our environmental management system for the betterment of environmental performance.
5. We raise awareness of environmental conservation and disclose this environmental policy to the outside, with full dissemination of this environmental policy and environmental information to all employees.
MAY 10, 2022


How do you extend tool life?
Cutting tool damage has various factors such as squeeze surface wear, flank wear, chipping, welding, and built edge. We will carefully observe the condition of the cutting edge of the target cutting tool, identify the cause, take accurate measures against the cause, and extend the tool life.
How do you shorten the processing time?
There are various ways to shorten the machining time, such as increasing the cutting speed, increasing the depth of cut, reviewing the machining layout, using compound tools to reduce the number of processes, and using full-scale tools. We will consider effective methods for shortening from different perspectives.
How do you improve surface roughness?.
Analyze factors that affect surface roughness, such as tool material, tool shape, cutting conditions, cutting oil, work material, and components contained in the material of the cutting tool, find out the cause and propose countermeasures. We can also propose various types of coatings.
What about chip disposal?
In recent years, the use of lead-containing free-cutting steel has been restricted due to environmental problems, and the disposal of chips has become a problem. By devising the shape of the cutting tool, it is possible to divide the chips, change the size of the curl, and control the flow direction, which makes it easier to dispose of the chips.
Is it possible to handle small lots and mass production?
We support from small lots of prototypes to large-scale mass production. In the case of medical instruments, we can deliver small quantities of different prototypes for clinical trials in a short delivery time. We can also manufacture from one medical instrument at the doctor's request.
Can you handle special materials?
Our special cutting tools process a wide range of objects such as iron, titanium, aluminum, brass, and wood. Recently, we have started manufacturing cutting tools for human bones used in artificial joint replacement surgery and cutting tools for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). We will continue to challenge new materials and any materials without giving up, so please feel free to contact us.