Quality Control for Medical Devices/Instruments

Thorough Quality Control System based on ISO13486
TOKO acquired ISO13485 in 2013, which is an international standard quality management system specialized for the medical device industry. Based on this, we will strive to achieve " TOKO Quality" .
Medical Devices/Instruments Manufacturing License
TOKO acquired a license for manufacturing of general medical devices in 2009.
Taking this opportunity, TOKO decided to proceed with the full-scale manufacturing of medical devices/instruments and equipment.
(This license is the business registration that is needed for manufacturing medical devices in Japan.)
TOKO acquired Medical Devices Manufacturing and Marketing License.
In order to meet our customers need more in depth,
TOKO acquired the third-class marketing license for medical devices in 2014.
TOKO acquired the second-class marketing license for medical devices in 2020.
(This license is the business license that is required for manufacturing and marketing medical devices in Japan.)
Medical Devices
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