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●大きな斜面、曲面を持つ骨部位 ●若年患者の皮質骨 ●手足の末梢骨 ●骨孔の角度や直径に高い精度が要求される症例 ●髄内釘遠位横止め

Unique tip design realized high precision bone hole
Accurate and stable cutting is possible even on a curved bone surface
As a spike-shaped tip bites the bone surface and cuts promptly, your pin-point position will never move even on a steep curved or a sloped bone surface.
Reduce clogging due to bone scrap after cutting
Since the cutting performance is considered as the first priority in the drill part, you can smoothly discharge bone clogging after cutting. The frequency of clogging was greatly suppressed.
Suppress heat generation during cutting to prevent tissue necrosis
You can drill in the aimed direction with a specially-designed tip which enjoys high machinability and makes it possible to operate in a low rotation.
Capture the bone surface firmly even at low angle
You can operate the omega drill at the angle of incidence, the minimum 30°.
Recommended parts and cases to use
ㆍBone parts with a large slope and curved surfaceㆍCortical bone of young patientsㆍPeripheral bones of limbsㆍCases that require high precision for a bone hole angle and diameter
Effective grasping force without slipping
Firmly grasp with forceps
It is possible to grasp the center of the cancer accurately, the ratchet eliminates its influence of strength of the grip.
Even if the skin incision is not directly above the tumor, the mammary gland can be pulled out of the surgical wound.
Operation time is reduced, because the number of lesion location checks can be reduced.
Optimal material and size for the ring section
The rings are coated with materials that are electrically insulating, heat resistant, impact resistant and antithrombotic.
Lesions can be confirmed by palpation or ultrasound, which contributes to a reduction in the positive margin rate.
It is easy to separate the mammary gland perpendicular to the chest wall.
Partial excision can be performed as planned, and worse cosmesis due to overexcision can be avoided.
Manufacturing and Marketing Notification NO. is 07B2X10009
Custom-made products requested by doctors
Respond to detailed and special requests
" We were using a major manufacturer's medical instruments, but suddenly the production of consumables were stopped, so can you make those consumables?" " Is it possible to make a part of the ready-made product with a curve? " Like these, we receive many special requests from doctors and produce medical instruments that meet them.
TOKO couleur
Our color marking technology " TOKO couleur " , our brand, has been licensed by a European company.

The ink is coated with a transparent resin that conforms to the USP Class VI standard, preventing the ink from peeling off and falling out.

No deterioration of the coating layer was confirmed in our durability test using an autoclave (132 ° C x 60 minutes x 50 times).

Name by other companies
· Color coding
· Color marking
· Color coating
· Paint , coating (heat-resistant paint)
· Color painting
Products manufactured so far
Ring Curettes
Bone Chisels
Extraction Tools (extraction drill)
Cannulated Drills
Lag Screw Reamers
Crown Reamers
Diamond Bars
Cannulated Lemke Probe
Adjustable Screwdrivers
Cannulated Screwdrivers
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Cannulated Reamers
Plug Inserters
Reduction Devices
Head Pins
Flexible Reamers
Flexible Drills
Drill Guides
Dental Drills
Dental Reamers
Laser Marking

Related Business

KOH instruments
Those medical instruments are effective in collecting the patellar tendon with bone.
Zimmer Biomet G.K. Japan is the designated seller while TOKO CO.,LTD. is the designated manufacturer.
Recreational equipments for children with disabilities
About 250 children are born annually with imperfect hands and arms(the number of births in Japan is 1 million / year).
Sympathized with the activities of Habilis Japan, which supports growth of children and nurtures their future, we cooperated in developing " Tamtam " for vaulting boxes and mat exercises and " Armo " for horizontal bars, for which we obtained approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.