Medical Devices/Instruments

Our thought for the medical field is put into the company emblem. This mark is a combination of Ω (omega), which stands for the ultimate, and the letter T, which stands for tools. Our goal is to provide better products that are patient-friendly, easy-to-use for doctors and everyone involved.

We always hold the following five things in mind:
1. Be face-to-face to works and customers straight
2. Aim for the world's
4. Hone skills
5. Put our soul into works

TOKO will pursue the ultimate in ideal manufacturing that everyone desires. This idea is the same for industrial products.

TOKO original Devices/Instruments

Custom-Made Medical Devices/Instruments


Although I don't have a drawing for a medical device, can you manufacture it?
We can manufacture if we can keep the actual product. Please contact us.
Because my drills and taps are getting dull, can you take a look at them?
Please bring the actual products. We will verify the cause and manufacture sharper ones.
Is it possible to register products with PMDA?
It is possible to register for Class 1 and 2.
Can you make reusable products sterilized and disposable?
Yes, we can.
I would like to develop a new medical device/instrument. Can I consult with you?
Yes, you are welcome to do so.

Quality Control for Medical Devices/Instruments

Everyone in the company is striving together as one to create better quality products under the thorough Quality Control System based on ISO13485.
In the 85 years since founding, we have provided more than 50,000 types of special tools as a manufacturer of special precision cutting tools. Our business is to " help everyone's manufacturing " . Our motto is to respond to problems of our customers in need. Based on this idea, we will contribute to the cultural improvement of humankind through manufacturing by making full use of technology and skills based on principles, developing original products, developing processing methods, and constantly improving.

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Recreational equipments for children with disabilities
About 250 children are born annually with imperfect hands and arms(the number of births in Japan is 1 million / year).
Sympathized with the activities of Habilis Japan, which supports growth of children and nurtures their future, we cooperated in developing " Tamtam " for vaulting boxes and mat exercises and " Armo " for horizontal bars, for which we obtained approval from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.